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Energizing with Solar

Solar Panel, Solar Traffic Light, Solar Street Lights, Solar Batch Water Heater

Solar Electric Energy demand has grown consistently by 20-25% per annum over the past 20 years. This solar energy can be made use of in two ways i.e. using heat for drying, heating cooking or generation of electricity or through the Photovoltaic route which converts light in solar energy in to electricity which can be used for a myriad purposes such as lighting, communication, pumping and generation of electricity.Solar electrical generation relies on heat engines  and photovoltaic


Advantages of Solar Energy

  1. No Fuel, Low running costs.
  2. Modular nature.
  3. Long-life
  4. Reliability
  5. Low maintenance.
  6. Clean Energy, Avoids Green House Gas Emissions.



  1. Architecture and urban planning: Solar Panel, Solar Batch Water Heater, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar Garden Lights, Solar fan, Solar Box Cooker
  2. Agriculture and horticulture: Solar Panel
  3. Solar lighting: Solar lantern, Solar street light, Solar Traffic light
  4. Industrial/commercial: Solar Generator, Solar Panel, Solar Batch Water Heater, Solar Box Type Cooker

Lighting with LEDs

LED Bulbs, LED Tubelights, LED Spotlights, LED Strip lights, Rope lights, Rechargeable led lights

Sign Applications with LEDs-

Gate/Stand Displays and Moving message boards, LED clocks, LED writing boards

Moving with LEDs- Automotive Lights

Courtesy Lighting, CHMSL, Rear Stop/Turn/Tail lights, LED Daytime Running Light.

Energizing with Solar

Solar Panel, Solar Traffic Light, Solar Street Lights, Solar Batch Water Heater



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