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About LED

Types of LED

LEDs can be classified into 6 major types:

1.Pinned LED: The main constituents of pinned LED are metal lead frames and light emitting dies. During the manufacturing process the light emitting die is placed on the metal lead frames and it is molded to give the final shape to the LED. These LEDs have a variety of applications and are easy to assemble and use.

2.Surface mounted LED: These LEDs are surface mounted on the substrate or the PCB, instead of usual practice of putting the LED through a hole in the PCB/substrate. They come in a variety of package and colors to serve different applications.

3.High power LEDs: These LEDs produce a much stronger light source than most other LEDs. These are mounted on some heat absorbing material to reduce the possibility of overheating.They are becoming common replacements for fluorescent and incandescent lights , as they are more energy efficient. Their initial cost may be relatively high but due to a longer lifespan, they typically save on energy costs in the long term.

4.Miniature LEDs: These are some of the most common types of LED lights and can be found in an array of devices with surface-mount or through-hole designs. Miniature LED lights are used mostly as indicator lights on devices such as cell phones or calculators. It is possible to use a miniature LED light without a casing, or package, such as a dome or cube.

5.C.O.B (Chip on Board): It uses the LED die bonded directly to a PCB or substrate thus eliminating the need for an LED body or lead frame. It is a very low cost technology and currently employed in high volume applications. Also, it requires very small and intricate layouts to be produced.

6.Super Flux LEDs: These are another type of LEDs found most commonly in large panels, such as billboard advertising. These types of LEDs are designed for maximum light emission, as they consist of two positive and two negative leads.

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