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About LED

LEEDS certification

LEED stand for leadership in energy and environmental design. It is green building rating system developed by green building council US in 1988. It is a recognition that a construction project or building can attain by following environmentally friendly practices during construction or remodeling of the project. Currently, it is having four levels- certified, silver, gold and platinum.

A project can attain LEED certification by submitting the requisite documents along with the application. After reviewing and verifying the project design and practices the green building council issues the certificate. The project authorities apart from selection of eco friendly material for production also has to keep a close look on the building design and provide provision for the use of various renewable sources of energy during the construction e.g use of solar panels, wind energy devices etc.

How LEDs can help? LED lighting can help with the goal of obtaining LEED certification in more than one way:

•It offers daylight harvesting capabilities through the use of solar power.

•No use of mercury or any other poisonous material in products.

•Longer life rating and less wastage.

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