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Carbon Reduction Commitments (CRC)

About CRC


The Carbon Reduction Commitment (which was recently renamed the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme) is a mandatory carbon emissions trading scheme to cover all organizations using more than 6,000MWh per year of electricity (equivalent to an annual electricity bill of about £500,000). All energy other than transport fuels will be covered, such as Electricity, Gas, Fuel and Oil.

The CRC scheme will apply to organizations that have half-hourly metered electricity consumption greater than 6,000 MW per year. Organizations qualifying for CRC would have all their energy use covered by the scheme, including emissions from direct energy use as well as electricity purchased. Such organizations - including hotel chains, supermarkets, banks, central government and large Local Authorities - mostly fall below the threshold for the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, but account for around 10% of the UK carbon emissions. Emissions covered by the EU Energy Trading Scheme and by a Climate Change Agreement would be exempt from the CRC, as would organizations with more than 25% of their emissions covered by Climate Change Agreements.

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