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Carbon Reduction Commitments (CRC)

Benefits from CRC


The best way to benefit from participation in the scheme is to deliver what the scheme is designed to achieve reduction in CO2 emissions. By acting early, implementing energy efficiency measures and reducing CO2 emissions an organization has the best chance of capitalizing on the potential benefits.

A company can be benefited by:

1.Reducing its energy bills.

2. Earning profit by being placed in the upper part of the CRC league table.

3. Acquiring prestige and positive media attention by having done well.

The opposites apply for businesses, which do not do well under the CRC and find themselves lower down the league table. However, the price of carbon may rise in subsequent years, especially as allowances for emissions are restricted. The best way to counter the uncertainties in the price of carbon is to invest in energy saving measures and to reduce energy usage. The organization will then benefit from reduced energy bills and reduced costs of participation in CRC. A company may subsequently drop out of the CRC if it falls below the threshold level. However, to realize the savings the organization will need to ensure that it has the right skills to implement the required energy saving measures, and to invest and trade in emissions allowances.

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