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Global Warming



Clean technologies mean a cleaner world for all. Not only do modern technologies reduce carbon pollution, they reduce other harmful pollutants that poison our lakes, make our land infertile, and harm human health. By reducing global warming pollution, we help to make our energy and transportation systems more efficient, protect our forest ecosystems, wildlife and biodiversity, and improve our air quality and protect peoples’ health.

We need the political and economic capital to make clean energy decisions happen today. For example, renewable energy, such as solar, wind and others, currently supplies about 2% of the region’s electricity supply. We have the technology to meet 20% of our energy supply needs through clean, renewable energy.

With current technologies, policies and personal actions we can take a huge take step forward in securing our energy future with homegrown business and innovation while protecting our natural resources.

How LEDs can help?

LED lights can help in a big way to reduce the global warming. Actually, the LED lighting reduces the carbon dioxide emissions. It reduces the carbon dioxide emissions by 9,000 pounds than a regular bulb. This amount of carbon dioxide can fill a football ground over a mile high. Also, Led lighting lasts 50.000 hours and saves you up to $ 450 on electricity bills. Since low performance of regular bulb is one of the causes of carbon dioxide emission, swapping to LED lighting can reduce the emission considerably.

Taking an example: A 100 watt bulb which performs for 50,000 hours at the cost of $ 500 emits 10,050 pounds of carbon dioxide which can directly lead to global warming. A regular bulb emits mercury which also contributes to global warming. So it is highly advisable to LED lighting to contain global warming into permissible limits.

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