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Solar Energy

Advantage:Solar Energy


Solar energy is the newest and most cost effective way to satisfy the huge energy needs of human beings. There are many useful applications of the solar energy in day-to-day life, with many advantages over traditional and the conventional sources of energy.

Greatly reduced pollution: no carbon dioxide, methane or other emissions that warm the atmosphere.

Abundant energy resource: While the sun is up there it constantly produces all the energy we can use.

Reduced maintenance costs: once solar panels ,wind or water power facilities are in place, no fuel or lubricants is needed .

Falling production costs: The financial costs of producing appliances such as solar cells and solar hot water panels are falling as technology develops.Solar energy is competing with fossil fuels as fossil fuel prices have raised steeply globally in the last few years. Solar energy technology is becoming increasingly efficient.

Low running costs: With prices of traditional fuels soaring the cost advantages of solar energy are becoming obvious. After installation of the appliance, solar energy is free.

Production end- wastes and emissions are manageable using existing pollution controls. End-of-use recycling technologies are under development SPV installations can operate for many years with little maintenance or intervention after their initial set-up, so after the initial capital cost of building any solar power plant, operating costs are extremely low compared to existing power technologies.

Solar electric generation is economically superior where grid connection or fuel transport is difficult, costly or impossible. Long-standing examples include satellites, island communities, remote locations and ocean vessels.

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