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Solar Energy

Applications : Solar Energy


Solar Energy has a variety of uses in homes, offices, industries and rural areas. Some of its uses include:

Architecture and urban planning: solar devices are used for solar lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Active solar equipment such as pumps, fans and switchable windows can complement passive design and improve system performance.

Industrial uses: There are some industries those have operations in areas where there is no access to a power grid or energy is not readily available in some form. Solar energy is very beneficial in this instance because it can be generated in remote areas at very little cost. Solar energy is often used to power stations used for telephones, microwaves, and radio. Transportation is another industry that uses the applications of solar energy. Solar energy can be used to power lighthouse signals, traffic signals, and the warning lights found on aircraft.

Rural vacation homes: People who own vacation homes in rural areas may have a difficult time accessing energy. These vacation homes can be designed to use solar energy so that vacationers can enjoy all the creature comforts of a hidden getaway. This can make it easier to keep food and living areas sanitary, wash hands to reduce the spread of germs, and heat and cool vacation homes.

Water heating and pumping: Using applications of solar energy can help people to reduce their water heating and pumping costs. In a solar water system, solar thermal collectors are used to heat water and then solar energy propels the water through the system .This is much more efficient and has fewer harmful effects than using gas or electricity-powered hot water systems.

The applications of solar energy can be used in almost all industries as well as in residential settings. Solar energy can reduce harmful pollutants in the air and water, decrease the monthly costs of energy for residential consumers, and reduce the number of health issues experienced by people with allergies and other medical conditions.

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